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Catch Phrase is the grab it, guess it and pass it game featuring 5,000 words and phrases.Find words starting with catch phrase and anagrams of catch phrase.Since such cards are deployed strategically, the term suggests an option or.The catch is, for every letter you want to guess you have to find a word in the jumble that begins with that letter.Game play often involves two teams sitting every other one with each team alternating the phrase guessing as the time counts down.Catch phrase is a game where you pass around a frisbee like object that gives you a word to describe to your team.

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Introduced to me about 3 years ago by Jim, Electronic Catch Phrase is an easy-to-learn and entertaining party game for small to large groups.

Like any game with a mass online community, there are bound to be a wide array of slang terms that catch on.Video game catch phrases can enhance the experience (usually, anyway).The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles.You cannot use the word or any part of the word when explaining it to the guesser.

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We remember that the game used to be mechanical, using paper disks with.

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A good catch phrase can make a product or person memorable for years.

So we played off that, and came up with a ton of words related to all things weddings.My SO wanted to get a game to play at lunch with her coworkers and we thought catch phrase would be a good idea.Side note: you will need to read the whole list in...The game unit has a LCD screen to display the words and buttons to start the timer, advance play, and assign points to teams.

It is guaranteed to bring even the biggest party poopers come to life and join the fun.

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Sometimes these terms last a day or two, and some become crucial to communication between team members.

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Catch Phrase by Hasboro Electronic handheld Game family Party 5000 Words Phrases New, never used.

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The great thing about movie quotes for film geeks like myself, is that whenever the moment presents itself we can always bust out a movie quote to throw into a conversation for a good laugh.Does anybody have, or have a link to, the list of words form the electronic catch phrase game.

These phrases have become part of popular culture and are used casually with friends and even in Hollywood blockbusters.The rules for Catch Phrase include playing as a team, not revealing the first letter of the word, avoiding rhyming words and not saying any part of the word out loud.Yes, Catch Phrase is Number One in our house for family get-togethers, too.A good game show catchphrase reminds you instantly of the game it comes from.

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Genre Party Twitch Requirements One controller (a disc specially designed for Catch Phrase) Two teams of at least two players How to Play Turn the game on, and you get a word or phrase (the answer phrase).Youngsters eight and older will enjoy playing the electronic Catch Phrase Junior game.

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Catchphrase is a fast-talking guessing game, good for big groups of people.

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Perfect for parties, get togethers and family game night, this Electronic Catch Phrase game is sure to provide hours of entertainment.Quick, rattle off as many clues until somebody on your team yells the word or phrase you want to hear.Welcome to Electronic Catch Phrase, the battery-powered blend of clue deduction and race against the clock.

Catch Phrase is a classic game with an electronic twist designed for four or more players.My mom asked each of us children to plan a game for our family Christmas party.Lucky for you guys I managed to get then President Bill Clinton (1992-2000) to explain them all for us.


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